David Ogilvy is a hero to any advertising professional.
He started Ogilvy with $6,000. The ad agency now makes $388 million annually from its operations in more than 83 counties.

I was introduced to Ogilvy when I came across the famous Rolls Royce ad. The sheer simplicity of the copy…

Category penetration is an important business metric. It sets the premise for most marketing campaign discussions.

There are usually two types of categories —

  1. Established: Purchases beyond a threshold, high on awareness and competition. Eg: Detergents, Colas etc
  2. Emerging: Purchases below a threshold, awareness is low, competition might be less…

The Internet and more recently smartphones have largely changed two things for brands. Firstly it has spoilt them with numerous possibilities and platforms. Secondly, empowered consumers to directly engage with brands in a way not possible before.

Spoilt for Choice- Multiple Touchpoints

Digital ecosystem enabled more possibilities for both Brands and Consumers. There are now…

“What makes your heart sing?”

Summer of 2016: 2 years into my engineering and one of the fortunate awardees of the Summer Research Fellowship by the Indian Academy of Sciences.
This meant I was amongst a handful who had the opportunity to work with renowned scientists at an Institute of…

If India were a dish, it would be Mix Veg.
While the recipe may promise a satisfactory outcome from the make-do ingredients available, each ingredient brings in its own flavour and aroma, giving the dish a unique taste.
India’s vast majority of diverse cultures, religions, habits and people make it an interesting…

I’ve admired Disney for numerous reasons. They are brilliant storytellers and I’ve always been fascinated how they ended up acquiring big corporations like Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilms and Fox. They now stand at the forefront of changing the media industry landscape.

Bob Iger has been instrumental in bringing in these changes…

I was on my way to work.
Dead inside, I got off the metro midway to head back home.

It was the 1st day of my internship, and it wasn’t a usual feeling I get on my first days. I wasn’t particularly excited about this one.

Life was changing.
2 weeks ago, I graduated, travelled to African continent for the first time in my life, and had let go of…

Repositioning is not of popular opinion amongst marketers. It is considered a risky proposition. There is a good mix of those who have done it well enough to change fortunes and those who have gone the other way.

The reason is very simple.
Colors, shapes, music, imagery, characters build unique recalls…

Views expressed in the blog are my own. They may skew towards my exposure as a male based out of Delhi. If you feel there has been an oversight, or if you would like to contribute, please do write in to me here.

Earlier this year when India was…

How much did the greatest marketing disaster cost?
Over £50 million and a historic mention in the ‘do-not’ marketing case studies.

During the global recession in the ‘90s, one of the top executives at Hoover’s British division was lured by a Travel agency, JSI Travels into a campaign that would…

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